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When Is the Best Time to Have Your Office Cleaned?

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Office Cleaned?

If you can’t stand the sight of paperwork piling up all over your workplace, you must be dying to get a Cleaning Services team to come over and get everything organized immediately.

Still, you have to think about the other people working in your office. When would it be most convenient for everyone to get Sanitizing Services in Baltimore, Maryland?

Consider the following facts:

  • Approximately 10 million bacteria live on typical office desk settings — that’s 400 times more than the average toilet seat!
  • The air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than outdoors.
  • Dust particles are comprised of 70% dead skin flakes.
  • Office landlines have over 25,000 germs per square inch.
  • By simply disinfecting your desk frequently, you can reduce sick days in the office by 30%.

So, when is the best time to get your office cleaned?

As Soon As Possible
You need to wait a week or a month before you get Disinfecting Services in Maryland to make sure your workplace is safe and secure for everyone. Considering the situation that we all are in, regular cleaning and disinfecting is tantamount to the health and wellness of everyone in the office.

At Steam Masters LLC, we believe in the value of a clean and healthy workplace. If you wish to increase your protection and improve the overall appearance of your office, we are more than happy to help.

We also offer Vehicle Steaming Services to help keep your vehicles in check!

To learn more about our services, you may reach us at 888-773-3767 anytime.

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