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Use this body temperature scanner to help detect those that have fevers and are sick.

Great for the public or work environment facilities to check guests or employees.

  • Quickly scans in 1 second
  • Accurately reads body temperature to 0.5 Degrees (all alarms should be checked with a 2nd device)
  • LCD display showing readings and scanning info.

Price $3500

Non-contact accurate temperature measurement

  • Digital temperature measurement face recognition access control terminal
  • Support human body temperature detection and temperature display, temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.2 °C, temperature measurement range 25 °C -45 °C
  • Automatic alarm when human body temperature is higher than 37.3 ? (customizable temperature value)
  • Supports automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature, and the detection result is output within 1 second.
  • Language: English
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