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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Vehicle


Throughout the day, many people use transportation to get to their needed destination. Most of the time, it is without properly disinfecting frequently touched areas where germs and viruses can linger. If you own a car and drive it with passengers, such as family or friends, it’s even more vital to clean and disinfect it to prevent any disease from spreading.

Since COVID-19 has been proven by the CDC to stay on surfaces for hours to days, the healthcare industry has advised people to focus heavily on sanitizing their homes and other properties they own like their vehicles.

While most houses can easily be cleaned and sanitized by homeowners or disinfecting services in Maryland, perhaps it’s not so much with vehicles. Because vehicles have numerous nooks, disinfecting them can be much more challenging. Vehicle surfaces are also not designed to resist a continuous barrage of harsh cleaning agents. This means that if they are being cleaned way too frequently, they will wear down quickly.

At Steam Masters LLC, we specialize in vehicle steaming services to ascertain that our client’s vehicle is cleaned and sanitized. We also have professionals who can disinfect all corners and nooks of their ride.

Whether you need vehicle steaming, cleaning services, or sanitizing services in Baltimore, Maryland, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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